Door Entry Systems


This high quality Wireless Intercom system is available for single or multiple dwellings & commercial applications of up to 30 call buttons. Using secure dyna pass radio technology daitem intercoms are able to control Gates, Garage doors and lighting from the intercom handset, without wires or need for a/c power.
• The Diatem is the most reliable and flexible wireless system available


door_entry2door_entry3We also offer the Daitem Wireless Intercom with a Keypad, allowing the gate to be operated via a four digit code.

Additional Handsets are available




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Wireless Connectivity
No need for the expense or disruption of cabling from your gates to inside your property.

Connected to an Interface that uses a SIM Card
Top-Up exactly as a Mobile. Typical call cost (dependent on Call Provider), 2p per minute. Unit bleeps to alert low credit.

Open your Gates from anywhere in the world
Remote operation, whilst abroad on holiday or away on business etc.

Easily Programmable
Automatically “Voiced” Instructions from the Intercom Unit to follow the programming set-up or to change settings.


Up to 6 Pre-Programmed telephone Numbers for each direct call button (or Keypad), dialled in escalation.
Normally the House No. is dialled first & then Mobile 1, Mobile 2, Office, Relative etc. dialled silently by the Entry Com to ensure you never miss a call.

Day & Night Mode Setting
For example, by using a simple code to switch from Day Mode to Night Mode, you could eliminate your Office, Mobile 1, Relative etc. leaving only your House No. & say Mobile 1 to speed up up the answering of the call.

Programmed or Re-Programmed remotely via a Telephone Handset.
For Trade Installers, there is no need to visit site for Servicing / Changing any Settings.


Up to 54-Way as Standard Call Button System. Up to 1000-Way as LCD Display System).

Vandal Resistant Covers
For areas particularly under the threat of vandalism, (i.e. Industrial / Commercial Premises).

Video Option Available
A 12V Power Supply is required and the display is colour in daylight & mono at night. Linked to PC’s via an IP using a Web Browser.

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